Newport Seafood – And I Thought Lobster Couldn’t Get Any Better

by Franklin on June 8, 2011

I have always dreamed of finding the perfect seafood restaurant.  To me, it requires freshness and good ingredients.  We stumbled onto Newport Seafood from acquaintances, and what a great suggestion this was. Have I found my favorite seafood restaurant? I possibly could have.

Upon entering the restaurant, all the patrons and wait staff were Chinese or Asian.  Scared that I would have difficulty ordering, I was relieved to find the hostess very helpful.  She suggested we try the lobster — she said it was their most popular dish. I was convinced!  As I look around the room, everyone had the lobster on their table.  We also ordered some mixed vegetables and white rice to accompany our seafood friend.

I waited in excitement as everyone else was getting their dishes.  When we got ours, and my mouth dropped to the floor.  There it was — a humongous lobster split in half, cooked in all kinds of spices and seasonings.  The aroma of the dish was overwhelming.  Even as I am writing this, I could have sworn I smelled the aroma just now — I must say, I am losing it.   The smell was a precursor of how the dish tasted, and it tasted wonderful. The garlic and the other many ingredients got me stumped, as I had no idea what or how this was made.  It was a bit spicy, savory, seafoody, with a bit of zest.  That is the best description I can think of.

Some purists are probably thinking, “all those spices will take away from the true beauty of the lobster”.  You can always buy lobster at the market, boil it, and have a really nice lobster dinner.  I had my fare share of pure lobster meat, and this one kicks it out of the water (no pun intended).  The meat was not overpowered by the marinade.  All the ingredients compliment each other very well. The best part of the dish was the lobster roe.  The sweet red morsels of lobster roe was delicious.  It was amazing how one lobster could contain so many flavors and textures.

Newport Seafood has a nice interior — kind of a modern Asian theme.  The staff was very helpful and attentive.  They have a lot of other dishes as well,  but I would get the lobster for first timers. Prepare to drop some bucks, as this dish is not cheap.  The price becomes all relative once you think about that wonderful, unforgettable taste.  So I ask myself again.  Have I found my favorite seafood restaurant?  I can’t say that, but I have found one of my favorite seafood dishes.  Long live the delicious lobster.

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