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The Griddle Cafe – Hollywood and Pancakes for Breakfast | DineDelish

The Griddle Cafe – Hollywood and Pancakes for Breakfast

by Franklin on June 6, 2011

Bouncing around from Orange County and downtown Los Angeles, I rarely visit the Hollywood area anymore.  When I do get to visit in the early morning, I always hit up The Griddle Cafe. This place is popular amongst locals and is a celebrity hot spot.  My experience is always a pleasant one.

I’ve only come to Griddle Cafe on the weekends, and it is always packed.  Once you get in, they take your name down and you play the waiting game.  The lines spill out on the sidewalks of Sunset Blvd. as hungry eaters eagerly wait to be seated. You will be directed by their host, Alex Cobo.  After he reads your name and you get seated, you are ready to eat. Reading a bit about him on LAist.com, I realize he led a very interesting life in the past.

One thing you will notice when you are seated is the Griddle Cafe really likes to pack people in there.  Population control, I get it. There is a bar seating area, and a booth seating area.  In between was what looked like nice space for waiters and waitresses to move about to and from the kitchen.  Instead, there were more tables and chairs for us hungry folks.  It was kind of amazing how many people were eating in such a small space. To that, I give kudos.  And really, I don’t mind eating in a tight squeeze if it meant waiting less.

Looking at what everyone is eating, you can’t deny the one commonality.  Almost all the diners in there ordered pancakes. I looked to my right, red velvet pancakes.  I looked to the left, more pancakes.  Literally, every table had pancakes.  I even saw a couple, each with their own pancakes.   This made sense because their menu features so many different kinds of pancakes, its difficult to choose from their list.

Accordingly, we ordered pancakes as well — our favorite one.  “A Time to Love” is a pumpkin pancake scattered with butterscotch chips and caramel and is topped with powdered sugar and a heaping load of whipped cream. Three stacks come with this order and this this thing was huge.  I can never finish it all.  The taste was a bit on the sweat side, just how we like it, and eating this with our coffee was simply delicious — French pressed at that.  I never had French pressed coffee before, and I liked it a lot.  Perfect combination with any of their pancakes.

We also ordered the “Muscle Bound Scramble”.  This was an egg scramble with spinach, green onions, tomatoes, and turkey maples sausage. It was delicious — The heavy protein aspect was a great companion to our carbohydrate happy pancake.  The scramble also came with honey wheat Muesli toast — When you ask for jam, they give you those personalized Knott’s Berry Farm jams in a jar.  Little touches like that make Griddle Cafe special.

Everyone says that Griddle Cafe is a celebrity hot spot, but I have yet seen a famous person there — not anyone I know at least.  But I am not a TMZ journalist or a crazed celebrity stalker.  I don’t come here for them, I come here for the food. If you don’t mind waiting in line for some awesome pancakes and breakfast, Griddle Cafe is the spot.  Who knows, you might be luck and see someone famous.  If not, you still had an amazing breakfast.  It’s a win win situation.

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