Milk – The Blue Velvet Takes the Cake

by Franklin on June 2, 2011

I always passed by MILK on Beverly Blvd., and I always though it was some kind of milk store.  Could it be?  The main headquarters of all of milk?  Maybe it was a retired bottling company for milk bottles, like in the olden days. Whatever it was, or is, I wanted to go inside.

From the looks of the inside, it just looks like a regular shop — Ice cream on one side and baked goods on the other. They serve sandwiches, salads, soups, and other entrees, but most people come for the good stuff, the sweets.

I came here for the blue velvet cake.  Everyone knows red velvet cake, its in all the cakes.  Red velvet cakes, cupcakes, pancakes — everything. But the people at MILK made a twist on that and made it blue.  The taste was really good, and I liked the texture a lot.  A bit dense, and not too sweet.  I liked that it didn’t crumble at all.  All in all, it was a good cook.  Kind of a thin slice for 5 dollars, but it was cool to try the blue velvet. Not to mention that all of their treats are a bit on the pricey side.

I had a chance to have a sample of the coffee toffee ice cream.  It wasn’t as good as I though, but it did have the coffee flavor that I liked. I do prefer gelato over ice cream.  Their other cookies and treats are good as well.  This place is definitely a sweet treat kind of place.  Some honorable mentions are their bread pudding and their chocolate chip cookies.

I imagine going here, having a plate of cookies, a nice slice of cake, and a big cup of milk.  That would be wonderful.  This place would be a good place to have dessert after a meal, possibly Pink’s or El Coyote nearby. Have yourself some cookies and ice cream, or a nice slice of cake.  Maybe both?  Either way, dessert is definitely served.

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