Portos Bakery – A Family Affair Turns Out Cuban Delights

by Franklin on June 1, 2011

Entering Portos Bakery, you will be amongst the masses.  Half of the population of Glendale will be within a 100 yards from you. People come here for cakes, all kinds of bread, pastries, sandwiches, you name it.  They form a line, move somewhat quickly through, and get their baked goods.  I come here for the potato balls and cheese rolls.  That is it.  Be sure to come here with patience.  Lines usually stretch outside the door at peek hours.

The potato balls have a ground beef mixture inside and a mashed potato outside.  It is fried whole and tastes almost like a shepherd’s pie. I personally do not like these, but they are really good with some hot sauce, especially sriracha — better than the Tapatio hot sauce they have there.

My personal favorite are the cheese rolls.  They have a nice crust on the outside and something of a cream cheese frosting / cheese cake filling on the inside.  The crust is sprinkled with sugar that makes these a sweet little treat.  They are honestly the best right when they come out of the oven. It is a bit warm on the inside and it tastes amazing.  Dangerous, because I could eat about a million of these.

I got a personal chocolate mouse for my cousins because it was his birthday.  I didn’t have any, but he seemed to like it.  I bought myself a fruit tart.  The fruit was fresh and the best part was the crust. It was a little treat for us before we brought home the goods.

This is the spot to be if you are hosting a party or an event.  You can order some potato balls and cheese rolls and you are set.  They have awesome looking and delicious cakes here for birthdays and any other celebrations. The top floor even has pinatas for a festive party.  The deli side serves drinks and sandwiches.  This really is a one stop place for all of your needs.  But you know me — you already know what I come here for.

Read the story here about the Porto family and how it all started — another great rags to riches story.

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