5 Guys Burgers and Fries – Something Familiar Becomes Brand New

by Franklin on May 30, 2011

It looks like the predominantly East Coast eatery has made its way well into the West.  Upon arriving, 5 Guys seems to have the color scheme of the very West coast hamburger joint, In-n-Out. The red and white tiles were really familiar.  Perhaps this is why there is much talk about 5 Guys vs. In-n-Out.  Without any suspense, let me just tell you.  In-n-Out is better.  Yeah, I am from the west, so of course I will be biased.  I’m not saying 5 Guys makes horrible hamburgers — they are amazing. I don’t want this post to be some sort of comparison test.  Maybe for a later date.

The taste of these burgers are one of a kind.  Condiments include the normal ketchup mustard, and lettuce, but I got mine with bacon and jalapenos as well.  The flavor profile was amazing — spicy from the jalapenos, and a little sweet from the grilled onions. I would have liked the bacon less crispy — I like bacon more on the chewy side than the cookie crisp side.  The meat was superb, grilled on the flat top with a perfect crust.  Though it was a little dry, I would have liked it a bit on the rare side.  All in all, it was a solid burger.

The fries were okay.  Yeah, just okay.  It was kind of soggy — no crisp at all.  The Cajun seasoning was really good on it, though not my cup of tea.  The malt vinegar was good — mixing it with ketchup really made it really pop. I even experimented and made a trifecta sauce – ketchup, malt vinegar, and Cajun spices.

Basically, 5 Guys is a solid burger joint.  Their burgers are flavorful and you have lots to choose from toppings wise.  Free peanuts too.  I wouldn’t say they have the perfect burger though.  Maybe it’s the west coast in me. Maybe it’s because they charge a lot more than the other guys.  Or it could be something as minuscule as them serving their burgers with cold buns.  It must be a sign — Keep trying it until it hits me.  Yeah, that must be it.

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