Heroes Bar & Grill – Monstrous Portions, Dinosaurs Welcome

by Franklin on May 26, 2011

Walking into Heroes, I was overwhelmed with all the decorations and busy-ness there was.  Lights stretched around the room, peanut shells on the floor, and walls full of anything.  I bet there could have been a picture of my face, penciled in fake mustache and all, and I’m sure I would have missed it. Just as their interior design is over the top, their food is a representation of that.

Food here are for hungry hungry people.  Dinosaurs perhaps?  I saw a table order the nachos, and that thing came on a 12+ inch pizza pan.  I can’t help but wonder if their portions are for regular patrons or Adam Richman’s next challenge.  Trust me when I say that you will be needing a to-go box. My pastrami burger was humongous — pastrami stacked so high, I thought it was a pastrami sandwich.  The amount of curly fries they put on the side was massive as well.  Even the diet coke I ordered came in glass mug so huge, it looked like a Double Gulp cup with handles.

These guys know how to feed a guy. The melted Swiss was nice as well as the meaty amount of pastrami. Though their pastrami was the thickly sliced kind, I prefer the thinly sliced pastrami because it is fattier and juicier. To top off my burger, I asked for some mustard. They handed me a new jar of the good stuff — Grey Poupon. The commercial from way back when with the billionaire asking for the Grey Poupon came to mind. This mustard was perfect for the burger. Lots a meat, with the good stuff made this carnivore very happy.

The best dish was the meatball appetizer.  I usually hate meatballs because it is usually too bready or too ground beefy.  Oddly, Heroes meatballs are perfect. They use a blend of sirloin and Italian sausage.  Perfect marriage of both textures, and sauce.  The marinara sauce for this dish was perfect too. Their sauce was simply amazing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was somewhat sweet and addicting at the same time. Dipping the cheese bread into the sauce and eating it with the meat balls was so perfect.  Impressive, considering this is a bar and grill after all.

The joy of eating peanuts, and literally throwing the shell on the ground is unexplainable.  Somebody has to clean it up, and it isn’t going to be me. Eating monstrous proportions, watching your team on the flat screen is what Heroes Bar & Grill is all about.

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