Bar Louie – Tots and a Flick

by Franklin on May 19, 2011

Bar Louie situated in Anaheim Garden Walk was an enjoyable time. Before our movie on the second floor, we wanted have a quick bite to eat (so that we won’t fill up on popcorn and candy).  What did we order?  Szechuan Wings, skirt steak, and tater tots.

Everyone loves tater tots.  Eating theirs just reminded me of so many things — Elementary school during lunch, or Napoleon Dynomite pulling them out of his pockets. They are so fun to eat, easy to eat, and all you have to do is pop them in your mouth.  I couldn’t remember the last time I had tater tots, and eating it again was just a simple joy.  It was especially delicious dipping them in their queso sauce.

The Szechuan Wings were really tasty.  It had a kind of Hoisin sauce (Chinese barbecue sauce) glaze on it. It was somewhat sweet, somewhat tangy, and a hint of heat.  Skeptical of trying something random, I was quite surprised.

For our main entree, we shared the skirt steak.  I love the one at ChaCha’s in Brea, and we thought we would eat this one for a comparison.  Sadly, it was not something I would order again.  I requested rare, but the meat was over cooked. I think this was because the quality of the steak was not that good, or possibly even not fresh.  Also, the sweet potato fries really did not go well with the steak and the chimichurri on top.  Thank goodness we had tater tots!

We tried something new.  It wasn’t as good as what we expected, but you can’t expect perfection all the time.  In the end of the meal, we were full and we didn’t have to stuff our faces with soda and popcorn. Eating tater tots after so many years was a good time traveling experience.  I guess I am a simple man after all.

On a totally random, but genius thought, how good would tater tots be during a movie!?

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