Sonic Drive-In – Rare Sweet Treat for an Angelino

by Franklin on May 11, 2011

Living in the Los Angeles area, I don’t get to enjoy the tasty treats of Sonic Drive-In.  I mean, they pour out commercials on TV.  Well, they used to anyway. I don’t understand why there would be Sonic commercials on locally broadcasted stations, yet, there’s none nearby.  The question of the hour is, Why aren’t there any Sonic Drive-Ins in Los Angeles?

When I saw the one in Fullerton just pop up, I was excited.  Situated strategically across of an In-n-Out without a drive through, it was just something the town really wanted. People don’t need to get out of their cars.  Sonic has a pull up booth to order.  People on skates come rolling down with whatever your heart desires.  Pretty cool.  On top of this, they even had a drive through — people don’t have to get out of their cars in two ways.

After dinner, I shared a Sonic Blast, Oreo flavor.  The guy rolled over on his skates, brought the treat, and it was that simple. This was how old school drive ins used to do it — it was refreshing.

That was my mini Sonic adventure.  Yeah it is sad that they built one right across from an In-n-Out, but sometimes, I don’t want to get out of my car.  I have a feeling I will be coming here a lot more now.  Heck, maybe In-n-Out & Sonic at the same time for dinner is in the cards. 🙂

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