Tapa Boy – Filipino Food Truck Hits Home

by Franklin on May 8, 2011

Filipino food is very special to me, and I love it.  Anything with meat and rice, I love. When I had the chance to try Tapa Boy, Filipino cuisine food truck, I jumped on it.  In all honesty, anything with meat and rice, I can eat it for days. That would be a big weakness of mine.  To me, meat and rice is lunch or dinner, but for the guys at Tapa Boy, it’s breakfast.

I tried the Tapa Bowl, Sinangag Itlog Beef.  It comes with a bed of garlic rice, beef tender loin in a teriyaki type sauce, pickled veggies and an egg on top. This thing really felt like home cooking to me.  As a kid, I would come home, and all there would be is rice in the cooker, and a pot full of beef or pork.  I’d just mix the two with some soy sauce and I was set.  This dish really reminded me of that.  And the runny egg on top, well, you guys should already know how I feel about that.  I love it!  It was delicious.  The pickled veggies really rounded out the flavors well.

Upon picking up my order, I was handed one of their fried dessert plates.  50% of me knew it was a mistake, 50% of me said, “oh free dessert?”  After correcting the clerk’s mistake, I had regretted not ordering one. The desserts are fried egg roll wrappers, wrapped in some kind of banana custard or flan.  It looked delicious, and I would probably try that next time I see these guys.

Tapa Boy found their niche in the food truck game.  They do home cooking of meat and rice and it truly hits home.

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Evelyne@CheapEthnicEatz May 9, 2011 at 1:27 AM

Love Filipino food, been discovering it a bit on my own in the last months. Wow you should have gotten that dessert 😉


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