Taps Fish House & Brewery – Classic Seafood Dishes with Class

by Franklin on May 4, 2011

Fish is often the last thing people order at restaurants.  They usually order the beef or chicken, or even opt for something meatless like pasta.  Tap’s Fish House and Brewery specializes in seafood, and their fish is popular amongst the locals. Me and my girlfriend have been here for Sunday Brunch and Happy Hour, but never for dinner.  On a side note, their Sunday Brunch is one of the best I have ever had.  Dare I say, better than buffets in Vegas?  Anyways, the Happy Hour menu is great as well.  It is affordable and they offer tasty eats.  Besides all of the goodies, I will be writing about our dinner here.

Coming here was something special to me and my girlfriend.  The restaurant was very warm and comforting — it did this with a sense of class. The wait staff were not clueless of what was on the menu.  They were prepared to answer any of the diners’ needs and gave great recommendations.  Seafood is their specialty — I wouldn’t order their burgers, steaks, or chicken, though it would be interesting to see how good it is.  Possibly for a later date, but since seafood is their game, seafood is what we got.

For starters, we ordered the Mediterranean mussels and a bowl of clam chowder to share.  The clam chowder could have used more clams, but that may be my carnivorous side talking.  Despite the lack of protein, the chowder was very delicious and creamy — thick, just how I like it.  The best were the mussels.  They were simmered in a white wine, garlic butter, and herb broth. The mussels were so tender and soft — not an ounce of chewiness.  The broth itself was delicious too.  Dipping the bread in it was an tasty combination.

For our main course, we shared the grilled mahi mahi with shrimp risotto.  The fish was finished off in a sweet chili bar blanc — this was fancy talk for sweet sour sauce. With a side of asparagus spears and topped with a decorative flower,  the dish looked too good to eat and the picture displayed above is actually half of the full order.

The fish was so good — eating it with the bar blanc was even better.  The risotto was a bit overcooked for my liking, and bit under seasoned — grinding a little pepper did the trick.  Overall, this dish was delicious.  Next time, I will have to try their famous Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass. That has been served ever since the restaurant started and is the only thing constant on the menu.  For something so classic and with staying power, I think that will be a treat.

Tap’s Fish House never fails for any meal.  Dinner, lunch, brunch, happy hour?  This is the place to eat. They have locations in Brea and Anaheim — the one in Anaheim is called The Catch.  I would think the food is just as good at that establishment.  If I am feeling a little “spendy”, and have a hankering for some good seafood, Tap’s Fish House comes to mind.

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