Nom Nom Truck – Banh Mi Sandwich Race to your Hearts

by Franklin on May 3, 2011

The first time I had a banh mi sandwich, I was interested to know where these sandwiches were all my life. For those who do not know what these wonderful sandwiches are, let me attempt to explain. Banh mi is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich. Proteins include chicken, pork, ham, or other variations of deli meat. Veggies include cilantro, cucumbers, spicy jalapenos, pickled daikon radish and carrots — all this on a crip and crusty baguette, spread with mayonaise. Simply delicious is what that is. The Nom Nom Truck serves some authentic banh mi sandwiches.

I feel like it was yesterday when I saw this truck on the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. I was surprised to see a banh mi sandwich truck do so well. Despite my lack of judgment, they gained a lot of fans and devout followers. I was proud to see them do so well and see a sandwich I ate so often as an adolescent gain so much popularity. Though they were the top earners for each competition, they came in second place. Shocking right? That does not mater. The show gave them enough publicity for them to become one of the most popular food trucks among Los Angeles residents.

I was fortunate enough to try the grilled pork banh mi. First off, this thing was huge. Huge chunks of meat were inside, which I loved. I think they grilled the pork inside the truck because I saw smoke venting out of the top of the truck. The pickled veggies went so well with the pork. I think banh mi sandwiches are so good because of these veggies. I love the freshness of the cucumber and strong taste of the cilantro. I got a little bit of heat from the jalapeno slices — a lot of heat for some. All in all, I enjoyed the sandwich very much.

My favorite banh mi sandwich is the deli special. Thit Nguoi, a Vietnamese salami containing cured pork and fat and Cah Lua, a cooked pork roll along with some fatty pate are included in that ingredient list. Most people would probably not order this because of the unfamiliar ingredients, but for the adventurous eater, this is a treat. Other popular sandwiches include lemongrass chicken, vegetarian tofu, and of course, the grilled pork. I would love to try them all.

Some people might not like to stray away from their ham and cheese on white bread.  The flavors of the banh mi are somewhat exotic and different. Believe me, the banh mi sandwich is something to consider. Try something new and give it a try — a good way for Angelinos is to find the Nom Nom Truck (@nomnomtruck). They make a really good banh mi sandwich and — you will thank me later. Get yours now, before they sell out!  Who knows, you may fall in love.

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