Love Letter Pizza and Chicken – Dear Deliciousness

by Franklin on April 30, 2011

Remember when you were a kid and you loved pizza.  Heck, you probably still do.  Everyone likes the pizza, but hates the crust.  I don’t know about you, but I was one of those kids that ate the good part, and threw the crust back into the pizza box. Before you shake your head at me in disappointment, please note that I didn’t do this often, and I don’t do this anymore.  I didn’t know any better, okay?  I actually blame pizza companies for this.  If everyone stuffed their pizza crust with sweet potato like Love Letter Pizza and Chicken, we wouldn’t have this problem.  Yeah, they actually stuff their pizza crust with sweet potatoes.  That may sound a little off to you, but this stuff is delicious.

As pizzas go, their two popular ones are the Bul Kogi Pizza, as well as their Gold Pizza. The Bul Kogi pizza is a traditional pizza, but has marinated beef as one of the toppings.  The Gold Pizza is the sweet potato pizza that I mentioned before. It has bits of chopped sweet potato and veggies as toppings.  At the restaurant, I wanted to try both, but wasn’t about to order two pizzas.  They were kind enough to make me a half/half. Score!  Both pizzas were great — they were very different, but very tasty and delicious.  The sweet potato puree busted out of the crust and was very hot.  Don’t burn your mouth like I did.

Along with the pizza, the chicken wasjust as good, if not, maybe better.  I am a carnivore at heart, so this was really good to me. The chicken wings are fried, and then submerged in a sweet and spicy glaze.  The chicken was so crispy and flavorful from the sauce.  It it something you have to try yourself.  The sauce is sticky and sweet and is a perfect food mate with the pizza.

Along with our order, we got a complimentary salad.  It was basically shredded cabbage with thousand island and corn.  We also tried the corn cheese.  This was corn mixed in with jack cheese (maybe mozzarella), all melted on a skillet. This thing was so cheesy and good, it was a great starter.

Love Letter Pizza and Chicken, as the name suggests, sure do make pizzas and chicken.  The thing is, it’s not your ordinary pizzeria or chicken joint. They do something special, and their menu infuses Korean ingredients with their food.  Amazing pizzas, amazing chicken.  As for the name Love Letter, I am unsure of the origin or why it’s named that.  But I have a letter of my own, and it reads:


Dear Love Letter,
I love your pizzas.  I love your chicken.
With love,
My Stomach

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