AhnJoo Truck – Food Network Star Cooks Up Korean Grub

by Franklin on April 28, 2011

As a Korean American, I love Korean food.  I ate it growing up, and it gives me a sense of home when I eat it. I was excited that the AhnJoo Truck was going to be at the Santa Anita Food Festival, and it was my first stop.

AhnJoo is something of a snack or appetizer you have as you drink — alcohol.  The name is perfect for the truck because they serve some great bar food.

I had their Korean fried chicken with garlic glaze, and their Korean Nachos.  The fried chicken was very tasty.  The drum sticks were covered in this garlic sesame glaze that was deliciously sweet.  The pickled daikon radishes made it stand out even more.  Eating the chicken with the pickled radish was a great combination.  This is a classic Korean dish and this one hit me in my soul.

The Korean Nachos was my least favorite, but good nonetheless.  It was a base of fried rice cakes topped off with cheese, marinated pork, and kimchi salsa.  I still have a huge problem with eating Korean food with cheese. The Korean diet does not consist of anything dairy because there was no dairy back in old-school Korea.  These days, the trend for Korean fusion restaurants is to put cheese on traditional Korean cuisine.  I find it odd.  I guess I am a traditionalist after all.

I was glad that I tried the AhnJoo Truck.  Debbie Lee from the Food Network started the truck, and her culinary background shows in her menu. I may come off as sounding a bit biased, but I like to think that Korean Fusion recipes started this whole food truck craze in Los Angeles, namely Kogi BBQ.  Food trucks aren’t going anywhere (though they are), so it is always a treat to try new ones.  AhnJoo has provided some home felt eats from a truck.  Thank you guys!

Ahn Joo Mobile Cart on Urbanspoon

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Tiffany April 29, 2011 at 6:25 PM

Pickled daikon?!?!? Count me in! And I couldn’t agree more… no cheese w/ Korean food! Happy Friday!


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