Santa Anita Park Food Truck Fest 2011 – Wait…Pay…Eat…and Repeat

by Franklin on April 4, 2011

What an event this was.  If you are a food truck lover, you definitely missed out.  Santa Anita Park hosted the event, and held nearly 80 trucks of all sorts.  Asian fusion, Mexican, Cajun, American, desserts, you name it.  They had it all!

Upon arriving at the race track, I was a bit discouraged from the massive traffic.  Cars fought to get inside and find parking.  Luckily, a car was leaving, and I had a parking spot that would be the envy of anyone there.  Score!  I paid the front door, got inside, and gazed the amazing plethora of food trucks and people.  The cheering of fans and bettors echoed as the race horses galloped fiercely around the track.  The smell of food filled the air. It was a glorious day for a food truck festival.

There were so many food trucks, I could not help but want to eat at every single one of them.  My first stop? AhnJoo Truck.  They serve traditional Korean street food.  Next stop was Meet n’ Potatoes.  That is not a typo, they really spell it “meet” for reasons I do not know.  They are a sandwich truck that serve monster sandwiches.  I wanted to try The Grilled Cheese Truck, but the truck was so overwhelmed with customers that they had to cut the line short.  Bummer, I know.  Saddened, but relieved to be eating at the Lobsta Truck and Tapa Boy.  Lobsta truck serves lobster rolls, crab rolls, and clam chowder.  Tapa boy serves traditional Filipino dishes of meat and rice.  We also had to try to NomNom Truck.  I mean, it was on national television, right?  To top it all off, we ended things perfectly with some ice cream sandwiches from Cool Haus.  Though I hadn’t eaten a single meal the whole day, I was stuffed beyond anything.  All those snacks and mini bites added up.

My biggest gripe about the event was the lines.  As mentioned before, the lines for the Grilled Cheese Truck was cut off because of over popularity.  The Lobsta Truck line was colliding with other lines, that you couldn’t really see the end of it.  My dreams at eating at Cool Haus was almost crushed as the event was coming to a close and there were many of us still in line.  It’s amazing what foodies would do to get a bite to eat, from a food truck of all places.  Can you blame us?  This stuff is unique and delicious — you can’t get this anywhere else.  Maybe that’s what’s attractive about gourmet food trucks.   Whatever the reason, people are flocking to these trucks and Santa Anita Park served up some great ones.

Check back soon for the individual posts on the Food Trucks I tried.  For now, enjoy this video of 360 degrees of the event.

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