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Honeymee – Keepin’ it Real

by Franklin on July 22, 2014

The pictures of Honeymee looked so good. The pure white soft serve topped with a block of yellow honeycomb was so (for a lack of better words) pretty. The intrigue of this “pure” ice cream and honeycomb was what got me here. Situated in the old Brown Derby Plaza, this would probably be a perfect treat after Boiling Crab. Me? I’m he re for #IceCreamTuesdays.

The “pure milk” soft serve ice cream was quite pristine. This isn’t your everyday sifts serve. The milk flavor really shined through and made for a perfect blank slate. The subtle yet strong flavors of the honeycomb was pleasing. Adding these two ingredients at their purest is truly a beautiful thing. No additives or colors here. Everything is at its purest form.

Can this be the healthiest ice cream? It’s possible. Honey has some good health benefits to it. All that with a “cup” of wholesome milk? Sounds pretty healthy to me. This “going back to the basics” mentality was refreshing. So many gelato and ice cream shops are making some funky flavor combinations and just concentrating on a mix of ingredients. Honeymee just keeps it simple.


I am not a fan of Gelato. It’s at times too melted and not stiff enough. It melts too quick, and it is too soft. And of course, it has less butterfat than regular ice cream. Gelato has more milk than cream, so it has less fat. Good thing it’s hot though. The samples I was given didn’t last long, and the gelato I ordered didn’t stand a chance. The faster it melted, the faster I ate it.

I know salted caramel and almond fig is a weird combination, but I wanted to try both. Bring a fan of the very dense and hard ice cream, the soft, very “watery” gelato was a bit off putting. Still though, the lack of butter fat really allowed the flavors to come through nicely. The salted caramel was sweet but nothing in your face. The almond fig had a nice mellow flavor and fruity fig accents. The combination wasn’t that bad. I had my fill with all of the samples I had.

Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake had some interesting flavors. I guess gelato isn’t that bad, right? The flavors are nice, and in this summer heat, anything cold in iced ream form is welcome. For gelato lovers, Pazzo will tickle your fancy.

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Coolhaus – You had me at Ice Cream

by Franklin on July 8, 2014

Coolhaus has been in the ice cream game for some time, relatively speaking. Started in 2008, people in real estate and design started the business by baking cooking and stuffing them with ice cream. The two bought a beat up postal van, created their signature tilted roof truck, and debut their treats at the 2009 Coachella music festival. Now, they have a store front, and multiple trucks in Los Angeles, New York, and Texas. They are even selling their hand dipped ice cream bars nationwide. It is clear that Coolhaus has gained massive popularity and fan base.

Having tried their sammies back before their store front, I decided to go with a traditional ice cream cup. After sampling a few, I went with the salted caramel. Other alter caramels really just taste like salty caramel or just lack that perfect balance. The savory and sweet balance from this ice cream was so perfect. The caramel wasn’t too sweet or strong, which I liked. The salt came through so gently, yet pronounced. It didn’t overpower the caramel, nor did it hide behind all the flavors. It stood well on its own. I literally finished my cup quite quickly and hesitated to go back for another. I thought to myself, “dang, this is pretty good”. Don’t think that Coolhaus is all about their ice cream cookie sandwiches. Their ice cream alone can hold their own.

I take my ice cream seriously, especially in the summer. This would definitely make the top 10 on my best ice cream in Los Angeles list.

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We went to Gelato Bar after hanging out in the Thousand Oaks of all places. On the way back to LA, we stopped by Gelato Bar in Studio City for some ice cream (I meant gelato). The gelato shop was quaint and very old fashioned looking. The small shop was a little difficult to find. As they were close to closing, the workers there were quite rude and we just knew they wanted to close shop. The crazy thing was, after we went in, there was a flood of people wanting to get their gelato right til’ the last minute.

Their gelato was quite tasty, but not the best. I had a taste of a cream and blood orange mixture that was good. I love the combination of something fruity or tart with a side of a cream base. The “peaches and cream” effect, as I like to call it is very pleasant. I had the dulce de leche and dolce amaro. The sweet caramel flavors with the creamy base notes really rounded everything nicely. Also, the pirouette toppers was a nice touch. If you are in the area, Gelato Bar is a nice stop for good gelato. I’ve had a lot of gelato in my life of blogging, and this unfortunately is just not special enough.

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Oh the milky bun. Being one of the food trends of 2014, the milky bun is a hit that started in Orange County. AFTERS Ice Cream shop in Fountain Valley started it all. Started by two trend setting clothing designers, the milky bun is a simple recipe. A somewhat warm donut stuffed with cold ice cream. That is all. Honestly though, ice cream and donuts is the golden combination. It’s like brownies and ice cream, but better? Yeah, I would say so.

I had to get two milky buns. I waited in a somewhat short line for it, though still out the door, I had to get my wait’s worth. I got the jasmine milk tea milky bun and cookie monster milky bun. The cookie monster is cookie monster blue, and has chunks of Oreo and chocolate chip. The ice cream itself was very good. I especially liked the jasmine milk tea ice cream. It had that clean taste and wasn’t too sweet. I wasn’t a fan of the cookie monster. It had a very chemically taste to it that wasn’t pleasant.

The Milky Bun is a good concept, but I rather have good ice cream just by itself than it inside a doughnut. The doughnut itself is quite unimpressive. I would rather have really good ice cream and top it off with a regular donut from my local donut shop or a Krispy Kreme. I like the concept a lot, and it seems to be quite popular with the crowd. I’m telling you though, if someone figures out how to make really good donuts and ice cream, that will steal the show.

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