Snow Flower Ice – Shaved Snow “Crumble”

by Franklin on September 16, 2014

The green tea snow itself was smooth and delicious, though you can find much better, creamier shaved snow in SGV. I’d even say Fluff Ice is a little better, and Class 302 just being untouchable. The addition of green tea mochi and mango popping balls made this even more flavorful. The mochi was soft and the mango popping balls were bursts of flavor. This was indeed a nice way to beat the heat.

Snow Flower Ice was a nice stop to beat the heat, but I’d say there are much better places to get shaved snow. Shaved snow has to be “dry” but then still remain creamy when you eat it. Snow Flower Ice interestingly was a bit dry and crumbly. I miss ice cream.

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Tacomiendo – Lengua Everything

by Franklin on September 12, 2014

I visited Tacomiendo because I wanted tacos, plain and simple. The small taco shop had fresh tortillas, a must for legit tacos. I came here on a whim and was quite happy with my find.

The tacos were delicious. The fresh made tortillas made all the difference. The lengua was tender, but just average. If you are a lengua fan, this isn’t necessarily a need to visit place. The sauce bar made it easy to spice up my tacos the way I wanted to — lots of onions and cilantro.

I also tried the lengua quesadilla. We saw them making some on the griddle, and it looked so good. The clean taste of the lengua and the melted cheese was such a great combo. It did need a little bit of hot sauce because of the lack of flavor. The sour cream and guacamole with the quesadilla was great. It was so gooey and cheesy — delicious.

Tacomiendo was just a pit stop. Their tacos weren’t have bad, and the fresh made tortillas might have me coming back for more. Not that the lengua was bad, but I’ll make sure to try some of their other meats.urb Tacomiendo can hang with the rest.

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2014 LAFW – Live on Grand

by Franklin on September 11, 2014

Just enjoy these photos from the Los Angles Food and Wine Live on Grand, Hosted by Chef Michael Chiarello. I worked hard getting these shots, eating and drinking, and eating. You shall appreciate my “hard” work. The Live on Grand is always their premiere show. They had celebrity chefs from Michael Chiarello, to Chef Lorena Garcia with her crispy anise arepas. Nancy Silverton stunned us with her cured meats and terrine via chi SPACCA.

My favorite and the most delectable thing of the night was from Rose. Rabbit. Lie. They had these crispy mini tacos with Yukon Gold potatoes with California Caviar inside. Joe’s Crab Shack’s Andre Bienvenue cooked Reuben sandwiches on actual irons (for clothes) on top of each other. They even served Frito pie with chili and manchego cream sauce. They even handed out tequila-spiked “Kiss the Cook” lip-shaped candy pops. They were definitely the popular group from the crowd. Mastro’s were plating tender and pretty much perfect lamb lollipops.

The Marimba band was good and all, but Common pretty much killed it on stage. He had the crowd bobbin and singing along. Cali’s got love for the rapper/actor from Chicago. The night ended perfectly, with some drinks and of course, the chi SPACCA booth was still serving their cured meats until the end of the event. The star filled night was a delicious one.


Asian Night Market hosted by Chef Masaharu Morimoto was a success with plenty to eat and drink. Chef Morimoto’s dumplings were plenty. The peppery and somewhat acidic tartness was delicious on top. The dumplings seemed endless. Team Morimoto was like a well oiled machine. The dumplings just kept coming, as others’ lines just grew and grew. This event definitely had more people. I guess when Morimoto hosts LA Food and Wine, people notice.

Asian tacos were huge in this Asian Night Market. Chef Jet Tila was the first and last thing I ate that night, and for good reason too. His pork belly taco was quite delicious. He is slowly gaining presence on TV and Food Network. Phorage’s fried drunkenness crab and shrimp cakes were quite memorable. When shrimp and crab come together, its always a beautiful thing. Chef Tin Vuong from Little Sister Manhattan Beach did a wonderful charcoal grilled shrimp in a nice sauce.

Definitely, seafood played a large part in the Asian Night Market. From snails, fish, scallops, to octopus, seafood, in the addition to pork is what Asians do well. The night was amazing with a lot of Asian variations and cuisine. It was good to see Asian food lifted up and taken to an extreme level. The food preparation was quite impressive and the dishes the chefs were producing was impeccable.


The first time I tried Frostbites, it was an explosion of flavor. The combination was so subtlety perfect and the balance of fruit and cream was sublime. Sorbet chill and Italian ice is what Frostbites is all about. I would have liked to try their crepes, but their “frozen delights” was what I came for. In the bitter sweet end of the hot summer, these are perfect for the sticky air and warm nights.

The Pineapple passion fruit and cream was the perfect combo. The pineapple was tart and contrasted nicely with the creamy custard. On the other hand, the peanut butter chocolate was more of a sweet indulgence. Both were great in their own way, but the classic flavors of cream and fruit was too good. I liked Frostbites, and was a great dessert for a hot night. It kept me cool and refreshed with a nice mix of cream and fruitiness. Summer needs more of this!

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